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RV Toilets Are Designed To Be Comfortable, Convenient, And Sanitary

Today’s modern motorhome or travel trailer is designed and built to offer all the comforts of home. The bathroom, especially, is a study in making the best use of space, providing every comfort possible in a small area. RV toilets closely mimic those you would buy for your home, and when it comes time to find a replacement, there are many options to be found through retailers that specialize in RV supplies and accessories.

The Bravura RV toilet from Thetford is built to be used in any RV or camper. Your Airstream, Prevost, or Fleetwood will be suited for the installation of this sleek, simple toilet. It stands 17 7/8 inches high and is 16 9/16 inches wide by 20 3/8 inches long, and features a foot pedal flush. It is available in parchment and white and is for sale at pplmotorhomes.com for $197.86.

If you are looking for something with a slightly higher profile for your Class A or Class C Monaco or Winnebago, you may prefer the Dometic Sealand 310 china toilet. This is an attractive, stylish toilet that stands 20 inches high and is 15 inches wide by 10 ¼ inches long. It comes in white or bone and features a contemporary single direction foot pedal at the side of the pedestal. You can find this and other motorhome products at wholesale prices at boatnrv.com.

Dometic also makes the Sealand 510, which is only 17 inches high, making this a great choice for your Class B RV. It is easy to add this aftermarket free standing toilet, with universal mounts and all necessary hardware included. This stain resistant, scratch resistant china toilet comes in bone and white, and sells for $316.00 at americanrvcompany.com.

Campingworld.com is one of the most popular outlets for new and used camping parts and suppliers, and here you will find a variety of toilets to fit your Itasca, Holiday Rambler, or whatever RV you may be driving. The Style II toilet is available in high or low profile, and in white or bone. It features a full size seat that is similar to one you will find in your own residential home. You can purchase this product for $179.99.

Another great retailer for camping equipment is dyersonline.com, where you can find a variety of toilets, including the Thetford Aqua Magic Style Plus. This toilet has a powerful flush that rinses the bowl clean with every use, and the contemporary anti-microbial toilet seat helps keep your bathroom sanitary and germ free. You can purchase this toilet for $245.98.

The Aria Classic, sold at adventurerv.net, has an elongated seat for added comfort and features a high pressure flush to wash the bowl every time it is used. In addition, however, this is a water saver product, using only half the water of comparable toilets. It stands 17 inches high and fits most RV and travel trailer bathrooms, and sells for $491.99.

The Thetford Electra Magic Toilet is a great choice for vans and smaller RV’s. It conserves a fresh water supply and works on a 12 volt battery. The toilet is ivory in color and has a 5-gallon capacity. The water fill and flush is hand controlled so you can decide where you want your water level to be. You can find this product and the water recirculating system at rvstuffusa.com for $547.00.

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