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RV Shower Heads Provide The Same Relaxing Shower Experience You Get At Home

Anyone who loves to take a warm, relaxing shower knows that much of the credit for the comfort it offers comes from the shower head. Campers can enjoy the same great sensations because RV shower heads come in so many different styles just as those for residential homes do. If your motorhome shower head is in need of replacement or you simply wish to upgrade, you will find a great selection of aftermarket products available through retailers and suppliers that specialize in parts and accessories for RV’s.

One retailer that sells quality new and used supplies for your motorhome or travel trailer is campingworld.com. Here you will find the Camco RV/Marine Shower Head Kit. This is an off white fixture that can be used as a hand held device or as a standard shower when left in its clip on the shower wall. This makes it a versatile item that is as appropriate for a Class A Fleetwood as it is for a Class B Holiday Rambler. You can purchase this product for $28.99.

Selling RV and camping products at or near wholesale prices, rvtoysoutlet.com is a great resource where you can find modern conveniences like the 1-Function Hand Held Shower Head in a shade called biscuit. The trickle valve on this item is a contemporary feature that saves water while you are soaping up and is turned off when you are ready to rinse. This is a great no frills replacement that can be added to any RV, Class C, B, or A. You can buy this product for $11.29.

The Oxygenics 12123 BodySpa Handheld Shower Head will give you maximum water pressure even in an RV that seems to lack in this area. This is a sleek, brushed nickel fixture that delivers a stream lined blast of warm water for a relaxing, massaging experience. You can liven up your shower experience as you travel in your Winnebago or your Airstream, making your camping experience even better. This product is for sale at sears.com for $49.97.

With the 5-Function Hand Held Shower Head, each member of the family can find the best setting for their personal showers. This is a white shower head that fits all standard shower units for Prevost, Monaco, and any other RV you might be driving. Spray, bubble, massage, bubble/massage, and massage/spray are all wonderfully relaxing options for this product, available at rvpartscountry.com for $42.95.

At tweetys.com, you will find a great selection of RV shower heads. The Oxygenics Evolution Shower Set in Rubbed Bronze gives your overall bathroom décor a sleek, modern look, while offering a choice of four pressurized spray settings and push button control. The oval shaped head swivels 360 degrees, providing you with a wider shower area than you get with traditional shower heads. This product is sold $48.69.

If you are seeking a simple replacement for your current shower head and are not interested in multiple settings and modern features, you will be interested in the Hand Held Shower Head available at rvwholesalers.com. This is a durable, reliable fixture that will provide you with the warm, comfortable shower you crave at an economical price. It is sold for $7.99.

At dyersonline.com, you will find the Oxygenics Storm Brushed Nickel Shower Head. This is a round shower head with a 9-inch adjustable arm, designed to rain straight down like a summer storm. 54 spray nozzles combine pressurized water and forced oxygen to offer a powerful shower that actually conserves water. You can purchase this product for $49.20.

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What Are the Advantages & Disadvantages of Each RV Model?

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Compare and contrast the six types of RVs: Class A motor home, Class B camper/van, Class C camper, the travel trailer, fifth wheel, and the toy hauler. You will be able to take into account the price, the square footage, the storage space, the towing and the driving difficulties.

Choosing RV Satellite Dishes: What Option Is Best?

By Kenny Brickler
Ah, the great outdoors! Campfires out under the stars, picnic food, long walks along wooded trails, nature in all her glory, watching the NFL Game of The Week or the latest movie releases on your 42in flat screen---wait, something is not right here. Rugged pioneer style camping is fine and great, but if you've made the commitment towards traveling in a Motorhome, 5th Wheel or large trailer, you've already made the commitment to bring the comfort of home with you, so why not watch what you like to watch?

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