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RV Shower Curtains Combine Decor And Function

If you drive a motorhome, you know that one of the luxuries of traveling in a modern RV is the full bathroom. Not only is this a great amenity to help you relax in a warm shower or bath, but it is also an opportunity to decorate. Some RV shower curtains are functional, while others add a note of décor to your home away from home.

A great contemporary product to help you make the most of the space you have in your motorhome bathroom is the Thetford Expandable Shower Curtain. This product is for sale through a wide range of retailers and suppliers that specialize in RV accessories and parts, like campingworld.com. The curtain makes use of a line and hook to bow out, giving you more room to move around in your RV shower. No matter whether you drive a Class A Fleetwood or a Class C Winnebago, you can always benefit from a little extra space. It is priced at $17.99.

If your existing shower door is in need of replacement, you might want to consider the Ivory Pleated Shower Curtain. It is more economical, more durable, and easy to care for. It installs easily into the tracks provided for your sliding doors and folds open with narrow anti mildew fabric laminated pleats. It comes in ivory and measures 36 inches wide by 67 inches tall. This product is available at pacificrvparts.com for $72.56.

The online outlet known for selling products at or near wholesale prices, amazon.com, sells the Interesign Stall Size Shower Curtain in packs of four for $42.99. Each curtain measures 54 inches wide by 78 inches tall, and is made of solid white polyester. It is a great product for small bathroom stalls or stand up showers in which you prefer a curtain over a shower door. If you are driving a Class B Itasca or pulling a travel trailer by Holiday Rambler or other manufacturer, this might be an ideal product for you.

If you are simply seeking to add a simple aftermarket shower curtain for the sake of function, the best option for you might be the RV Shower Curtain at twinsrecreation.com. This is a standard white vinyl curtain that measures 72 inches square. It sells for just $11.03, making it easy to replace if it rips or becomes worn. Folks driving Airstream, Monaco, Prevost, or any other RV with a shower in the bathroom will want to stock up on these with the rest of their supplies in case of mishap.

A supplier known for selling quality new and used RV parts and accessories, pplmotorhomes.com, sells a simple vinyl shower curtain as well. This is a white curtain that measures 72 inches square and is durable enough to withstand the day to day rigors of a small bathroom. The vinyl is treated to resist mildew and it is easy to care for. You can purchase this product for $12.14.

If you have a full size bathtub/shower unit, you can use a shower curtain that is made for a residential home. Perhaps you would like to add a decorative theme to your bathroom. The Forest Trail Shower Curtain, sold at cabelas.com, sets the mood for your travels and adventures. It features earth tones with silhouette images of moose, bears, and evergreen trees. It measures 70 inches by 72 inches and sells for $19.88.

The fisherman will love the Rather Be Fishing Shower Curtain, available at shower-curtains.com. Images of rustic signs depicting fish and bait shops are clustered over a dark green border. It will look great in any RV with a rustic motif. You can purchase this product for $31.95; it measures 70 by 72 inches and is made of 100% polyester.

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