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Create Your Own Oasis With A New RV Bathtub

One of the luxuries of traveling in a modern motorhome is the privilege of taking a long, warm bubble bath whenever you like. If your RV has a bathtub in addition to a shower, like so many Class A and Class C models do, you can enjoy a bath at your leisure. In fact, even some Class B models boast a bathroom complete with a tub. When RV bathtubs become damaged or worn, there are several aftermarket products available for the purpose of replacement.

At rvpartscountry.com, you will find a wide variety of bathtubs with shower surrounds attached. The RV Full Bathtub with Right Hand Drain is white and made of fiberglass. Drains are reinforced to prevent erosion of the edges. The surface is lightly textured to prevent slipping and so that tiny scratches are virtually invisible. You can purchase this product for $99.68. It comes in multiple sizes so that it will fit any RV, from all major manufacturers, including Winnebago or Monaco.

Another popular retailer that specializes in motorhome accessories and supplies is tweetys.com. Here you will find the Lyons Garden Tub. It measures 39 inches long and fits snugly in the corner of a large RV bathroom. Your Fleetwood or Holiday Rambler will feel even more like home with this lightly textured bathtub made of fiberglass. It comes in white and parchment, and sells for $219.98.

White and ivory bathtubs made of fiberglass are for sale at pplmotorhomes.com. This is a popular outlet known for high quality new and used motorhome equipment. Features include a reinforced drain and textured floor that resists scuffs and prevents slips and falls. You can choose a configuration with the drain on the left, right, or in the middle. It is a 24-inch tub, but is available in five lengths from 32 to 46 inches long. Prices range from $125.00 to $187.00.

One of the top suppliers for RV and travel trailer parts and accessories at or near wholesale prices is pellandent.com. Here you will find supplies for Prevost, Airstream, and Itasca, just to name a few. The handle a variety of corner tubs, full tubs, and step tubs like the step tub made to fit many Winnebago models. This product measures 37 ¾ inches by 25 ½ inches and sells for $470.72.

At leescountryrv.com, you can choose to purchase a new or used tub, guaranteeing that you are bound to find the best price around. A contemporary 36-inch garden tub, made of textured plastic is supported by a wooden base. It comes in white and includes an integral apron. Plumbing can be routed between the wooden supports, making this an easy bathtub to install. You can purchase this tub for $176.00.

The 10-inch-deep Neo Angle Bath Tub is one of the best space savers for a small bathroom. This corner tub is made of white fiberglass, textured to guard against slipping and also to prevent scratches and scuffs. It is a small tub but is suitable for a relaxing soak on a quiet night. You can purchase this tub for $172.48 at amazon.com.

A great resource for discontinued and difficult to find RV accessories, rvpartssierra.com carries a number of bathtubs like the bathtub originally designed to fit the early model El Dorado. This bathtub features a two-inch drain indent and a molded soap dish for ease of use. It has a tapered base and while it was designed for the El Dorado from 1979 to 1984, it may be just the tub you need for another motorhome as well. Be sure to talk with the retailer about your specific needs. You must contact the supplier for a price quote.

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